Meet Burma’s #1 pop star, Ah Moon. In a collaboration with Peer Music writer/producer SmashBoxx, Ah Moon releases “Automatic”, a mixture of high energy English and Burmese tracks. The title track “Automatic” is a power Pop/Dance tune with thick bass tones and a sultry melody.

It hasn’t always been easy. Myanmar (Burma) has a brutal military history, steeped in violence and repression. November of 2015 marks the first democratic election in decades. Ah Moon has battled major censorship for her image choices and has faced harsh criticism for being a strong female who chooses to express herself in a wholly male-dominated societal structure.

Some call her the Burmese Rihanna, others say she’s the Southeast Asian M.I.A. The Yangon native is growing up fast as her career skyrockets. If you ask her about the troubles in her country, she’ll tell you it’s getting better and it’s changing. She is a big part of that change.